Cat Who Predicted Nigeria’s Win Against Argentina Dies

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A sad loss for the mystic world.

A cat who predicted Nigeria’s victory against Argentina is dead.

Baidianr, the cat who resided in Beijing’s Palace Museum was declared dead on Monday after being rushed to the hospital a day after predicting the victory of Nigeria, Asain newspaper The Straits Times revealed.

The cat before this predicted that gotten his right six consecutive times until the time of Nigeria.

When he predicted Nigeria’s win, he generated so much attention that over 8,000 people promised food and snacks.

After the failed prediction, he suddenly became paralysed the following day and was rushed to the hospital before its death on Monday.

Nigeria will not be the first country to have a failed prediction. During these times, the official Sina Weibo account of the museum posted pictures of the cat covering its face with its paws in shame.

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