JaRule Shades 50 Cent, Gets “Blocked” On Social Media

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The 20-year-old feud between the Jarule and 50 cent seems not to have an end in sight.

Recall that 50 had earlier photoshopped himself in an assumed Jarule concert where he claimed to have purchased 200 tickets.

This time, Jarule stands up to his shades and makes fun of 50 cents recent drama All Things Fall Apart, which was a huge flop before pointing out that he had blocked him.

He alleges that 50 cents blocked him on his Instagram:

Bwahahahaha @50cent BLOCKED ME 😂🤣😭 he can dish it but can’t take it… stop acting like everything he do is dope he’s TRASH… lmao how’s that get the strap on single doing for you??

And as for 50, he might as well be taking a break.

“South Side rules apply. “It’s never over. We may take a break, but [it] ain’t over till one of us gone,” 50 wrote in one of his comments.”

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