Nigerians Show Outrage At Traditional Rulers’ Visit To Prince Charles

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If there is one thing Nigerians pride themselves in, it is their tradition, the treatment and honour of royals.

It was this when Prince Charles of Wales and his wife Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla visited Abuja, Nigeria on Tuesday, the 6th of November. This will make it the second time he is visiting the country, the first was in 1990 with Princess Diana.

However, seven of Nigerian first-class monarchs arrived Abuja to see the Prince with their entourage. However, this did not go down well with Nigerians who have accused them of licking the dust to please the Prince especially as the opposite was done during Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the Benin Kingdom.

See some of the comments below:

Eromo Egbejule (@EromoEgbejule):

There’s a Benin saying: “Oba no dey go transfer”.
Figurative m. – he’s a king in life & death; can’t die. An equivalent of 1st law of thermodynamics – “matter is neither created nor destroyed”.
Literal m. – he doesn’t leave his throne, especially not to go sit behind a prince.

Sam Hart (@hartng):

A lot of things irksome about this photograph. We are no longer a British Colony so we are not beholden to the Crown.
Why would our 1st Class Traditional Rulers be herded to Abuja for sighting by the Next in Line?
Why is his seat visibly further than the others? Why? Why?

mmuö (@mmuoIX):

Why are Nigeria’s first class monarchs and traditional rulers lining up in Abuja to pay homage to Prince Charles. Sigh

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