Update: Nicki Minaj’s Dressing Room Took Bullets During Tekashi69 Shooting

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According to a new TMZ report, female rapping sensation, Nicki Minaj is lucky that she didn’t show up early for the filming of Tekashi69’s music video, because the room that got shot up was intended to be her dressing room.

It would be recalled that we reported there was a shooting during the filming of the music video but luckily, Minaj wasn’t present yet although Kanye West who is also another collaborator of Tekashi was.

Kanye left the scene immediately after the shooting.

Sources close to the production reveal that at least one bullet pierced the window of the master bedroom of the Beverly Hills mansion on Thursday night. The bedroom was supposed to be the room where Nicki and her crew chilled during the music vid production.

Bedroom shooting scene | TMZ

It is also learnt the original plan was for 6ix9ine to be in that room, but he decided the day before that Minaj should have it.

As earlier reported, Tekashi’s crew had rented the 21.8 billion naira ($80 million) estate but the shooting brought production to a screeching halt. Someone on set also disclosed that approximately eight shots were fired and when the shots rang out, security ran towards it and saw someone hopping a fence.

Tekashi’s camp is yet to make a comment about the shooting.

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