How To Make Money on Share News

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Share News gives you the amazing rare opportunity to make money online when you register for Free, read our News and Gossips, share our posts on social media.    STOP BEING BROKE, LET THE INTERNET PAY YOU AS YOU USE IT.
Generate more income online by using your phone and data subscription as the only tools.
If you’re still complaining about finances, let it end today as I bring to you this opportunity that changes life.
join this platform with just a one time investment of 1500. To start working and earning real money online.
Get paid for logging in daily.
Get paid for reading posts.Get paid sharing posts to your Facebook or Twitter wall.

Get paid for creating forum topics
Get paid for referring members.

We believe that if it costs you money to come online with your mobile phone or computer and your internet connection, then you must be making money while online! Easy ways to make Money on Share News From the money we get from adverts we run for companies and agencies, we reward you in the following ways:

1.    ₦50 – Daily Login Bonus. (once you login to your Share News account)

2.    ₦5 – for each comment you make on any of our posts. You must read the post first and your comment must be relevant and flow as your reaction to the published post.

3.    ₦50 – For reading and sharing any sponsored post on Social Media depending on the social media buttons.

4.   ₦100 for posting an article

5.   ₦2 for viewing any post or content.

6.   ₦2 for liking content.

7.    ₦1000 – for each person you refer to join Share News using your Affiliate Link And The person pays for affiliate package. (This part is optional). Please let the referrer name be typed before making payments so that referral bonus or commission is credited to it.




NOTE 1: There are two kinds of members on Share News: Free Account members and Affiliate Account Members. Members with Free Accounts can earn through all the means listed above except by referring others to earn N1000 each.  Only Affiliate members can refer people and can be paid. To become an Affiliate member, Simply create a free account, login and click on the tab titled “Affiliate Area” to start your Affiliate upgrade process. You are required to pay a one-time Affiliate Upgrade fee of N1,500 only! You can pay online with your ATM Card.

NOTE 2: Withdrawal of Earnings is done on Fridays while Payment to members is on SUNDAYS.  Minimum withdrawal is N5,000.


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